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Colusa Casino Poker Room, CA | Review

Colusa Casino sits approximately one hour north of vibrant Sacramento, California. Recent renovations to the establishment have added a hotel to the site as well as upgrades to the casino gaming area. The main attraction at this casino is the game of bingo. There is a large scale bingo hall dedicated to this popular game. Card players need not be discouraged however. There is still plenty of card gaming action that takes place at Colusa Casino.

Featured card games at the casino are No-limit and Limit Texas Hold ‘em. The No-limit Texas Holdem games offer 2/4 blinds with a $40 minimum to $400 maximum buy-in fee. Players should be prepared for an occasional extended wait time. This is to be expected when the gaming area only contains two to three active tables at any given time. Given this, the casino offers the option for players to place their names on a waiting list. When a seat at a table becomes available, the player name is announced over the loudspeaker.

For tables that contain six or more players, the rake amount is $3 + $1. Table of five or less players can ask for a reduced rake amount. This reduced amount is $2 + $1 and is taken after the flop occurs. Card tables conduct business with the help of Shufflemaster automatic shuffling machines. No post is required of first time players that elect to sit down at a table and play some cards.
Some of the best tournament game presentations can be found at Colusa Casino. All registered players start a round of tournament play with $3,000 to $5,000 in chips and blinds of $25/25. Blinds increase from that point on to 25/50; 50/100 and 100/200 as the tournament levels progress. Each round of play is 20 minutes.

No-limit Texas Hold ‘em tournament play begins on Thursday evening at 6:30 pm. There is a $30 buy-in and a $10 entrance fee with no option for re-buys available. Each level plays for 20 minutes and players begin the first round with $3,000 in chips. The only winner to walk away from the table with a cash prize is the player who finishes in first place.

Tournament play continues on Friday and Saturday. For Friday, the game features a $2,000 guaranteed prize pool. There is a $50 buy-in with no additional re-buys and a $20 entrance fee. Saturday carries two different games that take place at 12:00 noon and 6:30 pm. The noon tournament awards the winner $100 in chips. The evening event showcases a guaranteed $2,000 prize pool.

Ocean Eleven Casino Poker Room, CA | Review

Ocean’s Eleven is a top notch card gaming establishment located in the heart of Southern California. Poker is the name of the game here with a vast majority of the gaming tables showcasing one form of poker or another. The casino designates 23 tables for high limit poker with stakes of 4/8 and higher. This section of the casino is housed on the main gaming area floor. Just to the right of this area is where the low limit games of poker are played out.

Gaming area amenities include upscale décor with elaborate paintings adorning the walls. Large screen televisions hang on the walls to keep players informed of what is going on in the outside world. More often than not, these televisions are tuned into some sports event.

No-limit Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular game being played on the floor at any given time. This game starts with blinds of 1/1 and a $20 minimum to $40 maximum buy-in amount. From there the games progress to a 1/2 blind with a $40 minimum to $80 maximum buy-in; 2/3 blind with a $200 minimum and $300 maximum buy-in. Rounding out the No-limit games available are a 5/5 blind with a maximum buy-in of $1,000 and a 10/10 blind with a $600 minimum to $2,000 maximum buy-in amount.
Other games featured on the gaming floor include Limit Texas Hold ‘em; 7 card stud Hi-Lo; Mexican Poker and Omaha 8. No-limit Texas Hold ‘em games still rein supreme on the gaming floor. The odds are in a player’s favor in the low stakes games of No-limit Texas Hold ‘em. For even greater odds, play the 1/1 blind with a $20-$40 minimum/maximum buy-in combination.

Ocean’s Eleven maintains an adequate number of gaming tables at any given time. This translates into a lower than usual wait time for an open space at a low limit table. When the stakes are higher in the high limit games, there can be an extended wait time. It is advisable to call ahead and place a name on the waiting list.

No-limit Texas Hold ‘em tournaments are held on a daily basis. Games are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 10:00 am. There is a $30 buy-in and a $5 entrance fee. Tournament play continues at 10:00 am on Wednesday morning with a $50 buy-in and $5 entrance fee. No-limit Texas Hold ‘em tournament play comes to a close on Saturday mornings. The last tournament game of the week kicks off at 10:00 am with a $60 buy-in and $5 entrance fee.
Ocean’s Eleven is a great place to come and enjoy some No-limit poker playing action. ?

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San Manuel Casino Poker Room, CA | Review

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San Manuel is situated in the heart of Highland, California and provides some of the best card gaming action outside of Las Vegas. As the word spread about this establishment, crowds started to form in the gaming area. Recent renovations greatly contributed to this effect. The gaming area features vaulted ceilings that provide a nice breeze throughout the room, even on a busy day of gaming action.
Part of the renovation included replacing out dated tables with stylish, sleek tables perfect for endless hours of card play. San Manuel offers a wealth of jackpots for players to aspire to reach. The most notable is the Texas Hold ‘em Jackpot. Here when a player holds a hand that contains Aces full of Tens that is beaten by four-of-a-kind or better, the jackpot is awarded. In order to be eligible for the jackpot prize, both hole cards must play. Of the jackpot amount, 50% goes towards the bad beat; 25% goes towards the winning hand and 25% goes towards the table portion.
Each time the jackpot prize is awarded, it instantly resets to $10,000. Add to this the fact that the casino increases the amount twice a day and it becomes a sizable jackpot prize. An active weekend may see $3,000 per day added to the jackpot. Other available jackpot prizes include the Highland that awards $250 each hour on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Following suit is the double jackpot prize handed out on Monday and Wednesday between 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. During this time period, jackpot amounts are automatically doubled when an announcement is made.
By far the most popular game on the floor is Texas Hold ‘em. The vast majority of tables can be seen playing low-limit Texas Hold ‘em at any given time during the day. Top contenders are the 2/4 blind and 3/6 blind games. Frequent players seated at these tables include novice poker players and retired individuals. Game odds favor the player with some of the best chances for walking away a winner outside of Las Vegas. ?

Chumash Casino Resort Poker Room California | Review

Chumash Casino got its start as a small tent gaming setup that offered one or two games of blackjack and a minimal selection of slot machine games. Since that time, the casino has grown both in size and popularity. The casino underwent a major renovation in 2003 and a hotel was soon added in 2004. Recently, the hotel area received a coveted four-star ranking. This certifies the fact that this little casino has come a long way in a short amount of time.
The gaming establishment offers poker enthusiasts a 24 hour poker room that features 5 card poker, three card poker, four card poker and Blackjack gaming action among others. Each week, the casino hosts high stakes Texas Hold ‘em tournament games. Game odds tend to favor the player on occasion. Many players have reported walking away from tables with either a little more than they arrived with or in a break even position.
Other notable features of the California poker Casino are the hotel and spa area. As mentioned earlier, the hotel maintains a four star rating with rooms starting at $150 per night on a weeknight. It offers a great place to stay after a long day spent at the gaming tables. Parking is offered through a covered parking garage. It is adequate in size and features several levels of parking spaces. The main casino area is accessible from the second or third levels of the garage.
Required age for entrance into the casino doors and gaming area is 18 years of age. Due to this requirement there is no alcohol served on the gaming floor. To accommodate for this, there are bars located inside the hotel and restaurants on the premises. Enjoy a quick snack between card hands in the snack bar area that is located in the Bingo room.
Staff is personable and patient with new players who are learning the ropes of the game. Overall Chumash Casino provides a small town feel in the middle of a large, vibrant California city.

Blue Lake Casino Poker Room CA | Review

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Blue Lake Casino is the place to play for fast paced, non-stop poker playing action. It enjoys the distinction of offering gaming enthusiasts the best card playing tables on the North Coast of California. As an added bonus, the casino offers live entertainment acts each Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Happy Hour takes place every Monday through Saturday offering snacks and drinks to keep playing action going well into the late night hours.
The casino is the premier place in California to come for card playing action. Table games are open around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As the dark of night appears, table antes are kicked up to the high limit levels. Every Wednesday through Sunday evening beginning at 6:00 pm and continuing until 2:00 am, regular play is replaced with high limit and live poker action. In addition there are always a steady number of tables offering $2 card play available.
In all, the casino features 14 tables that are reserved strictly for card play. Players have the option to reserve a table for private use. This is ideal for small parties, work functions or bachelor parties that want to take the friendly game of poker out of the kitchen and into a real life gaming setting. Other card games that hit the table are Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Spanish 21 and Blackjack.
When hunger strikes, there are two eateries that provide a perfect snack in between card deals. The first dining option is Alice’s Buffet that offers an all-you-can-eat food selection for players. The second option is Lily Pad Café that features sit down menu options when players are in need of a break from the gaming action.
Blue Lake Casino offers enough table games that everyone can find the right table to suit their playing needs and skill level. Staff members are friendly and personable. They are patient with new players who are learning the game. Regular players to the establishment enjoy friendly banter with dealers as card playing action continues 24 hours a day.

Augustine Casino Coachella California | Reviewed

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Augustine Casino is situated in a vibrant section of Coachella, California just east of PGA West. The casino is owned and operated by Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians. Gaming action takes places 24 hours a day, seven day a week, 365 days a year. Featured table games include Four Card Poker; Three Card Poker; Single 21 and Texas Hold ‘em. In all there are ten tables dedicated to card play.
A vast majority of the table game action centers on Texas Hold ‘em games. The casino features what it calls ‘Ultimate’ Texas Hold ‘em. For this version of the popular card game, players face off against the dealer with an optional bonus bet in place. Players stand to greatly benefit from this version of the game for several reasons.
First, the earlier a bet is placed, the higher the bet amount is allowed to be. Second, a player is not required to fold until all community cards are made visible. Finally in the event a player holds a final hand of three-of-a-kind or better, the payoff is a triple threat bonus feature.
The casino features favorable odds for players. Casino regulars explain experiences where the largest loss over time was $50 and winnings were four times that amount. Jackpot prizes are awarded on a regular basis. Parking at the casino is rarely a problem. The parking area is sizable enough to easily accommodate a typical large size crowd on the weekends.
There is a great buffet on the premises that features made-to-order omelets and home desserts. It is a great place to grab a quick snack and head back to the gaming table action. Augustine Casino staff is personable. Upon request they have even been known to hand out a goody bag at the player’s club window.
Overall Augustine Casino is a small establishment that offers big rewards. The casino offers over 31,200 square feet of wall to wall gaming action. On any given night, regular patrons fill the seats along with new comers for some great poker play. It is a nice place to get away from some of the bigger and busier places that make players feel like a number as opposed to a poker player.

Agua Caliente Casino Poker Room California | Reviewed

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Agua Caliente Casino offers gaming enthusiasts some of the hottest action in Southern California. Among the popular games featured are Pai Gow; Three Card Poker; Mini Baccarat and Texas Hold ‘em poker. Gaming action plays out across 11 tables in a smoke free Poker Room. A recent addition to the Agua Caliente family is a top notch high limit gaming room. Gaming action casino wide occurs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Once inside the front door, Texas Hold ‘em lovers will head straight for the poker room. Inside this separate room the only decisions that have to be made are whether to hit, stay or bluff. It is the time to put poker skills to the test and attempt to walk away from the table with the largest stack of chips in hand.

Inside the top notch high limit gaming room life is taken to a whole new level. This is where serious gamers come to enjoy a few rounds of uninterrupted play action. In addition to the high limit slot machines available for play, there are gaming tables where the action never stops. Most tables feature limits of $5,000 for play. At the moment hunger strikes, snacks and drinks are never more that a moment away. There is always a full service staff ready to wait on every need of high limit players.

The casino holds a double jackpot promotion for poker games during specified times throughout the week. Every Monday through Friday between 3:00 am and 5:00 am; 7:00 am and 9:00 am and 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, every jackpot won from a hand of poker is automatically doubled. Prize reward jackpots continue Sunday through Thursday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

On the first Saturday of every month, the casino hosts a $5,000 Free-roll Poker Tournament. To qualify for the tournament event, players must meet a minimum hours played criteria. A player must log 50 hours of play in the month prior to desired tournament play. For example, in order to play for April, a player must log 50 hours of poker play in March. The top 20 tournament finishers are awarded a cash prize. Last place earns $50.00 while the top finisher will take home a $1,200 first place prize.

Agua Caliente features personable staff that is ready to make the most out of every poker player’s visit to the casino.

Table Mountain Casino Fresno California | Reviewed

Table Mountain Casino in Fresno, California offers fast paced card playing action located right in the heart of the Central Valley of California. Poker is taken so seriously here that there is a separate room designated solely for poker play alone. It is easily accessible off the main gaming area floor in the casino. Yet it is still far enough removed from that area that players often feel as if they have left the casino entirely. No-limit Texas Hold ‘em is the name of the game here at the Table Mountain Casino. Play starts with  1/3 blinds and a $50 minimum to $500 maximum buy-ins. From there the action continues with a 3/5 blind and $200 minimum buy-in. As interest in a game of no-limit increases, the casino will open up additional tables. The most popular game of no-limit played is the 1/3 blind with a $500 max buy-in. The popular days for this game appear to be on Monday and Wednesday.

Table Mountain Casino follows a rake format similar to that of Las Vegas. It is based on the pot value. When the pot reaches the $5 mark, the rake is $1. From there the rake increases to $2 when the level reaches $20; $3 when it reaches $30. Every $10 increase in the pot amount increases the rake amount by $1 accordingly.
Table Mountain Casino is a popular place to enjoy poker action. As a result, players should anticipate wait times of approximately five to ninety minutes. This time can be significantly longer on weekends. Players have the option of placing their name on a waiting list. An announcement will be made over the loudspeaker to let a player know that a seat has become available.
The only drawback to the Table Mountain Casino is the lack of tournament play available. On occasion there will be a specialty tournament where a player may win a seat at the World Series of Poker main event. To compensate for the lack of tournaments, the casino does offer a nice jackpot and promotional program. There is a Bad Beat Jackpot where a three aces/two ten card combination or better full house beaten by quad combination wins $10,000. A high hand jackpot of $100 is awarded throughout an eight hour gaming period each day. The winnings go to the person holding the highest hand at the moment the ‘jackpot play’ is announced.

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Hollywood Park Casino, Inglewood CA | Review

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Hollywood Park Casino sits in the heart of Inglewood, California in the Hollywood Park Racetrack area. Since its opening in 1994 a variety of movies and television shows with Las Vegas themed storylines used this casino as a filming location backdrop. Among the list of productions are Gone in 60 seconds, Johnson Family Vacation, SWAT, CSI Las Vegas and Cold Case. Reality television show Blind Date has even used the casino for date events between show participants.

When not playing host to actors, directors and other movie icons, the casino is home to the biggest charity bingo hall this side of the Mississippi. Gaming action is fast paced and vibrant 365 days a year 24 hours a day.  Popular card games include Texas Hold ‘em limit and no-limit; Pai Gow Poker; Caribbean Stud; 3 Card Poker and Blackjack.

No-limit Texas Hold ‘em games features a $40 maximum buy-in with a ½ blind; a $100 maximum buy-in with a 2/3 blind; $200 maximum buy-in with 3/5 blinds and $400 maximum buy-in fee with a 5/10 blind. There is also a $500 minimum game with 5/10 blinds that has no capped maximum buy-in amount. Texas Hold ‘em Limit games include the following: 2/4, 3/6, 4/8, 6/12, 15/30, 25/50 and 40/80. There is the occasional 10/20 and 100/200 games.

For the 3/6 no-limit Texas Hold ‘em game there is a $3 rake and an additional $1 jackpot. The 4/8 game features a $4 rake with a $1 jackpot. At certain times the casino designates games double jackpot prizes. The jackpot prize can be reached with an Aces full hand beaten by four-of-a kind or better.

Players have the opportunity to earn free food rewards. Play a game of 10/20 or higher to earn point rewards that can be utilized on table side food service or gift shop items. Points may also be used in the snack bar.

The poker playing room is sizable to accommodate various size games. Wait times for an open space at the table averages between 15 and 20 minutes for 3/6 games and lower. Higher stakes games of 6/12 and up have a slightly longer wait time. At least two tables of a high stakes game in play will lower wait times.

California Grand Casino, Pacheco CA | Review

California Grand Casino showcases a touch of American Western lifestyle mixed in with modern card playing. (more…)

Oaks Card Club Poker Room, Emeryville CA | Review

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Oaks Card Club holds the distinction of being the oldest card playing room in Northern California. (more…)

Lucky Chances Casino Colma, CA | Review

Lucky Chances is an action packed card room situated in Northern California. (more…)

Hustler Casino Poker Room, Los Angeles CA | Reviewed

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Legendary adult magazine publisher, Larry Flint, turned the pages on a new venture by opening the card room Hustler Casino in a Los Angeles suburb. (more…)

FLB Sports Casino Poker Room, Sacramento CA | Review

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FLB Sports Bar and Casino is unique in that it offers a side order of card playing excitement during halftime breaks on the big screen televisions in the bar. (more…)

Gold Country Casino Poker Room, Oroville CA | Review

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Gold Country Casino and Hotel is the premier place in Northern California to see and be seen. (more…)

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