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Good2cu is a sick poker phenom

Andrew Good2cu Robl is a nosebleed stakes online poker player. Andrew is no stranger to the live scene and has some televised appearences including Poker After Dark. … Good2cu



Who is Chufty

Chufty or Richard “CHUFTY ” Ashby is a poker professional from the United Kingdom. He is especially known for crushing the highest stakes PLO, or pot limit omaha games at the biggest online poker rooms especially Full Tilt Poker. Recently he has received the honor of becoming a Full Tilt Red pro.

Chufty Poker Video

Ever wonder what Richard “Chufty” Ashby looks like ? Well check… Chufty

Scotty Nguyen – The Prince Of Poker

Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen drunken videos have been circulating on the web recently. These videos all originate from the 50 K Horse event. Scotty Nguyen, the prince of poker himself, made of a fool of himself with drunken talk at the final table of the 50K WSOP horse event. Scotty was fortunate enough to take down the event, which is a spectacular result. This really begs the question : Is… Scotty Nguyen - The Prince Of Poker


Durrr, Durrrr, or Tom Dwan as he is known in real life is a phenomenal poker player that has been *crushing* the highest stakes poker cash games both online and live. You can often see him playing the Railheaven No-Limit table on Full Tilt Poker with blinds of 5000/1K. Durrr will buy in from anywhere in  between 100K and 200K and often run up a stack up to close… Durrr



ActionJeff is somewhat of a cult figure in the online poker world. He started off playing “Magic The Gathering” which is somewhat atyical . He became an expert of the game and won a couple of prestigious tournaments. Certainly an indication of things to come…

Jeff transitioned to the game of poker because some his friends were telling him how much money could be made. His rise to… ActionJeff

Taylor Caby

Taylor Caby

Taylor Caby is a professional poker player and founder of the poker coaching site His story has become legendary and showcases the real opportunity of online poker. Taylor Caby was a just a regular student at Michigan university when he discovered poker. He started playing the 5 dollars sit and go’s on Ultimate Bet and transtioned to the highest stakes cash games very rapidly. At the time… Taylor Caby


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Sbrugby or Brian Townsend, is one of the most successful online players that the game of poker has ever seen. Some of his accomplishments are simply mind boggling . One could even argue that he is the best player in the game. Period.

In less than a year, Sbrugby moved from small stakes… Sbrugby



Aejones or ae***jones as he known online is a professional poker player and coach/instructor at Leggopoker. Although Aejones had a difficult start in poker, he is now incredibly successful at the heads-up and 6 max NL games online, especially full tilt poker.

His advice for beginning SSNL players is :”Study a lot”. Aejones attributes most of his success to his constant posting of hands on 2+2 and at… Aejones

OMGCLAYAIKEN (Phil Galfond) is sick

Phil “Omgclayaiken” Galfond

OMGCLAYAIKEN or ” Phil Galfond” is one of the very few online players that has successfully transitioned to the highest stakes live cash games.… OMGCLAYAIKEN (Phil Galfond) is sick

WestmenloAA Finds Success At EPT

WestmenloAA is a well known poker player from Menlo Park, California. At only 20 years of age, and with his 4th place finish at the European Poker Tour Championship in Monte Carlo, his live winnings exceed 1 million dollars.

For those who don’t know Isaac, he goes by WestmenloAA online and has been dominating the highest stakes cash games on Full Tilt for a while now.

Since he is less than 21, he can’t play live tournaments in California and the US yet.

Online, Isaac has amassed a string of huge wins including the PokerStars Sunday Million and the Full WestmenloAA Finds Success At EPT

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