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Daniel Negranu Poker Story

Daniel “Kid Poker” Negranu

Every once in a while comes a player that makes poker history. There has been a number of these, from Stu Ungar, Doyle Bruson and Johny Chan to Phil Hellmuth and Chip Reese. All of these left a lasting marking in the world of poker. They all imposed their personal styles to the game, won the biggest tournaments for millions and became household names. Today, when we speak about poker stars, three names come to mind : Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, and Kid Poker : Daniel Negranu.

Daniel Negranu poker

Negranu : Canada’s Kid Poker

So just how did Daniel Negranu go from being a broke high school student in Canada to a multi-millionaire poker superstar, a lead instructor for online poker training site poker vt and even the main character in an Xbox game stacked.

Daniel Negranu was brought up in Toronto when his parents Constantin and Annie left the Communist regime of Romania. When he was fifteen years old, Danield discovered card games. But he wasn’t focused on poker at this point. He was more of a jack of all trades, a hustler, playing pool games and betting on sports. He certainly got an exposure to the world of gambling, statistics and money management at a very young age. Unfortunately, he dropped out of high school. The “Unfortunately” part is debatable of course. Because this allowed him to trade in school work for big money pots at the local casino. Yes, Daniel become a rounder in his mid teens. He slowly grinded a bankroll and one day decided to live his dream by playing on the Las Vegas strip. Unfortunately the first time he went to the strip Daniel Negranu went broke and was forced to return to his home country to rebuild a roll. With time and sheer perseverence, Daniel made it to where he is today.

Stacked Review : Negreanu on Xbox

negreanu stacked

Stacked was the first Daniel Negreanu poker game of its kind, combining cutting edge graphics and next generation gameplay to recreate the experience of a table game. Utilizing 3D graphics and animations Stacked makes you feel as if you were in a casino, you really feel a part of the action . Stacked comes will all the bells and whistles that you can expect of course. One interesting aspect of the game is the “teacher” aspect. If you are new to the game, you will find all the instructions needed to play correctly. You can even face a robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence to make informed decisions. When we heard the name of the robot the first time we thought it was a Pokemon. Well you judge by yourself, but Stacked allows you to face Pokibot to develop your poker skills. What’s great is you receive real time guidance from Daniel Negreanu to fine tune your game. You can also face all the pro poker player that you love to watch on television. This involves household names such David Williams, Gus Hansen, Erick Lindgren, and Jennifer Harman . Being an Xbox game, you also have a career mode of course where you can track your progression to become one of the world’s best. All in all, Stacked was a great success and contributed to the extreme popularity that Daniel Negranu has had these last couple of years.

Negranu On Online Poker Players

Negranu on Durrr

Daniel Negranu has a strong online presence through his blog at Full Contact Poker and his poker training site pokervt. He is also a regular poster in forums like 2+2 and has the honor of being a Pokerstars sponsored player. He has also played in numerous California Poker tournaments Recently someone posted an interested on 2+2 forums asking why top online players Durrr and Phil Galfond were signed. Daniel has this to say:
(To view more discussion on this topic read here 2+2. This showcases the difference between life and online players.

[“Both guys make a lot of money playing poker. A deal that would please them is likely much bigger than what is being offered to them at the moment.

From a sites perspective, if you are going to sign a player you have to figure out a way for the deal to make sense from a financial perspective, in that, if you sign player X for $250,000 a year, will that player create that much value for the site by bringing in new players?

Signing an online player has limited value. The reason for that, is that an online players fan base likely ALREADY has an account and already plays at the site. When a site considers signing a player they must gauge that players mass appeal on television and to the casual watcher. Being a big name in online poker, or even a player who’s gotten some TV time but hasn’t found his niche audience, isn’t going to demand big bucks from a site.

Kid Poker goes on to say:

Both players have potential to make a big splash on television and in live tournaments. Since that hasn’t happened yet, it would make more sense for them to wait until their stock price rises rather than selling at a low point.

I’m not speaking for either of them, but I imagine that would be the main reason you don’t see them signed to a site. There would certainly be interest in both guys. ]

PokerVt : Negranu’s Gift To Us

negranu poker vt

Pokervt is the most advanced online poker training site that you will find. Negranu has spent months working on it and the end result is an awesome learning experience. PokerVt explains the Daniel Negreanu small ball poker style which has been one of the cornerstones of his tournament success. Do you often go all in on the flop and end up broke ? Well you may want to look into Danny’s strategy. Danny Negreanu doesn’t like committing a lot of chips when the stacks are deep and you should do the same. Anyways, back to his training site. PokerVt has a number of modules that focus on different areas of the game. Usually the lessons are delivered as 1 on 1 videos were Daniel Negranu where he takes you by the hand and gives you step by step explanation of his though processes. There are a number of other exciting features such as poker pros playing together and recording their thought processes into microphones as the action progresses. When the hands are over Daniel Negranu goes through the action again, listens to the thought processes and comments on the hand. Certainly a very unique and exciting way to learn the art of poker. Other poker pros that are part of the pokervt team are Annette_15 Oberstad, pro online player Adam Junglen and world series of poker main event runner up Paul Wasicka. All deliver great content in the form of actual gameplay (cash and tournaments) recorded using Camtasia software.

Negranu’s Power Holdem Strategy

power holdem strategy

Negranu’s power holdem strategy received some mixed reviews. Personally we think this is a great little book to add to your poker arsenal. The first thing you should know is that there are a number of guest authors before Danny Negreanu chimes in. There are a total of 5 chapters written by the following poker pros: Evelyn Ng, Todd Brunson, Erick Lindgren, Paul Wasicka, & David Williams. Out of all of these, Evelyn Ng’s is one of the best because it presents an atypical way for beginers to become winners. It certainly is refreshing to find out about new viewpoints and strategies. Evelyn Ng seldom writes strategy articles and we thought her segment was excellent. The value of the four following chapters is more debatable. Although they are household names, the authors provide content that may appear rehashed to intermediate and advanced player. We believe these chapters will appeal to beginners however and they certainly aren’t bad. We were just expecting the book to delve into more in depth poker strategy. Brunson et all mainly write about basic poker concepts.

So how good is Daniel Negranau’s contribution. Well, the best of the bunch by a landslide. We recommend that people read the book because of his section alone.

He delves into his trademark “Small Ball” style which allows him to consistently dominate no limit poker tournaments live and online. Here is a summary of the style of play he preaches:

* Play a lot of pots in position deepstacked.
* Play a wide range of hands in position and call a lot preflop when you have implied odds
* Play aggressively to maximize your fold equity by semi-bluffing on the flop, turn, and river
* Turn up the aggression when the blinds increase and/ or the antes kick in
* Represent a wide hand range and bluff at some cards that would hit this range on the turn and river.

If we had to give a grade to Negreanu’s Power Holdem Strategy , we would give a four out of five stars. All in all, we though the book was close to excellent and we would certainly recommend it.

Daniel Negreanu Wife or Girlfriend ?

A lot of people wonder if Daniel Negreanu is married, whether he has a girlfriend or awife. In fact none of these are right. In August 2005 he married Lori Lin Weber. But they divorced in November 2007. So for the time being Daniel is single. We think you’re a little curious though.

Daniel Negreanu Blow up Video

This video showing a Daniel Negreanu blow up has become viral on internet. We must tell you that it is fake of course and that Danny was playing an act. We don’t want to taint his reputation in any way. The first time we saw it though, we though it was real ! Great job Danny ! Good acting – and very funny too !


We really think that Daniel Negranu is more than a rising star in the poker world, he is an embassador to the game. On top of this, Kid Poker has become an iconic figure in poker history. His name is associated with those of Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey and Stu Ungar. Daniel Negranu is the poster boy for the modern wave of poker. He has also become one of the driving forces behind online poker with his involvment with pokerstars and training site pokervt. There is no doubt that in 100 years time people will still be talking about Daniel Negranu.



Ever wonder what Zigmund (Full Tilt Poker) looks like ? See below. And Check out his player profile here => ZIGGY !


And Check out his player profile here => ZIGGY !

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Durrr Full Tilt


Even wonder what online player Durrr on Full Tilt Poker looks like ? See below for his picture. And read our detailed profile review here => DURRR !



Read our detailed profile review here => DURRR !

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Poker Hands

This article is from Pokerfornia, the leading source of California poker casinos review.

Poker Hands

Please see below for the poker hand rankings. When you are done start playing at Full Tilt Poker ! If you are California poker player please check out the preceding link.

poker hands


Good2cu is a sick poker phenom

Andrew Good2cu Robl is a nosebleed stakes online poker player. Andrew is no stranger to the live scene and has some televised appearences including Poker After Dark. (more…)

Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend Is A Legend

or Sbrugby as he is known online is a professional poker player from Santa Barbara California.Brian Townsend has accomplished an incredible amount in an even more incredible amount of time. Firstly, Brian moved from 100 dollar no-limit cash games online to the highest stakes all in the course of a year. This is just an incredible run that is unlikely to be reproduced in the online poker world. Brian has also dabbled in Las Vegas and California poker rooms with more moderate success. (more…)

Ilari “Zigmund” Sahamies – Ilari Sahamies On Full Tilt Poker

Ilari sahamies

Who is Zigmund on Full Tilt Poker

Ilari sahamies is a professional Finish poker player mainly known for being a regular at the highest stakes PLO games at Full Tilt Poker. Ilari Sahamies has an extremely aggressive style that is very hard to play against.  He wasn’t one of the best known  poker players in the world until recently, and you won’t find a Wikipedia entry about him.

Ilari Zigmund Sahamies

It seems that Ilari, or Zigmund as he is known online, is always firing bets : preflop, on the turn and the river…over and over again. Surprisingly Ilari Sahamies seems to get away with it. Recently Zigmund has had outstanding successes playing the highest no-limit games available on Full Tilt Poker, at the Railheaven table. He ran a 200K stack up to 1.1 Million dollars in a few hours ! He was playing shorthanded against Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. The following day he ran up a 100K stack close to 700K. This was in October of 2008. Some people would argue that the best PLO and NL player in the world may well be Ilari Zigmund Sahamies !

Ilari “Zigmund” Sahamies

So you want more visibilty into Ilari Sahamies playing style ? Or just wonder what he looks like ? Well please watch these videos below:

Ilari Sahamies and Patrik Antonius in a huge live pot

Here is a video of Ilari Sahamies playing Phil Ivey heads up on Full Tilt Poker.

Ziigmund vs Phil Ivey PLO $322k Pot on FTP

Zigmund 1 Million dollar stack online

Recently, Zigmund managed to break the 1 million dollar stack barrier at Full Tilt Poker. That day, Ilari Sahamies ran up a 200K stack to well over a million dollars. He was playing shorthanded against the best players in the world, including the legends themselves Ivey and Patrik Antonius. In the chat box he said, “Good thing I didn’t go drinking today then”. With an extra million dollars in spare change, we can safely say that he has enough money to buy some new booze :).

Ilari Sahamies

Zigmund Tilt, Chat and Trash Talk Online

Ilari Sahamies likes to trash talk online and has a tendancy to tilt like crazy when he is losing badly. He routinely calls other players names and especially makes fun of David Benyamine which is pretty entertaining. See below for some chat excerpts !

Talking to Benyamine,

Ziigmund: your wife is in very good shape
Ziigmund: she is nice too
Ziigmund: so she is very much unlike you
Ziigmund: joking man
Ziigmund: u r cool

Talking to Gus Hansen,

Ziigmund: gus is from czech rebubplik
Ziigmund: from ROMANIA HE IS
Ziigmund: gus likes eurovision
Zigmund: gus should sing in chez romanisa
Zigmund: gus is singer from romania
Zigmund: czech rebuplic singer from eurovision gay bar GUSTAV HANSEN
Gus Hansen: no i dont think so

Is Zigmund Broke and Busto ?

This question comes up all the time from railbirds or players with no experience at high stakes poker. They see Ilari Sahamies lose 500K in a session and think he is broke. The truth is Ziigmund has a very hefty bankroll which is required not only to support the intrinsic variance of the biggest games but also his extremely volatile game play. If you add up the stacks he has on different tables just at Full Tilt Poker, you can often reach close to 2 million. But this is just the tip of the Iceberg if you ask us. Conversely, players like Ziigmund could get staked without any difficulty so runnning out of money is never an option for them !

Ziigmund Tequila shot video

This video of Ilari Sahamies drinking and acting crazy has recenty surfaced on the internet and become very popular. No comments, but he sure does seem like a cool drunk guy to be around !

Ziigmund Blog

Unfortnately for you, his blog is in a foreign language, but someone from 2+2 was kind enough to translate a section of his blog. The credit goes to “slow hands” and the link to the 2+2 thread is here:


Ziigmund on Germany:

“Me and Juha Helppi had enough time to go to Dortmund, where the service was awful, the casino was terrible and the people were rude… As Seppo Räty (a Finnish javelin thrower) put it: Germany is a **** country.”

Ziigmund on David Benyamine:

“French people are fat. Or at least that David guy is.”

Ziigmund on Juha Helppi:

“The guy is mentally 75 years old, but his appearance is like a 45 year old’s. The only thing that makes him look younger is the Interpoker clothes he wears 24/7.”

Ziig promised to record some PLO videos, and when they were late he posted this:

“My internet poker’s been going down, up and back down again… in other words, horrible SWINGS… -300k +300k -200 +400… etc. yeah… but about those videos, they’re on their way. so just wait with your dicks hard and your pussies wet for my videos for a little longer… and for those 90 percent of you who took this as an insult, don’t be so angry.”

Ziig on his bankroll management:

“I was playing in the tv show The Game in London, and in the end I was up nicely, more than any other player there. But the second I came back to Finland, my rolls were all around Full Tilt.”

Ziig on Martin de Knijff (swedish poker pro):

“No limit with 100/200 blinds really isn’t my thing… but as long as Martin de Knijff is playing too, we should all be fine.”

We hope you will have enjoyed this information on Ilari Zigmund Sahamies !

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Patatino full tilt pokerPatatino or Guy Laliberte is a regular high stakes poker player that plays mostly on Full Tilt Poker. Patatino is widely known for his reckless and often fearless style. Guy Laliberte isn’t afraid to play the best players in the world heads-up or shorthanded. This includes players like Phil Ivey, Patrik Anthonius and OMGCLAYAIKEN. His results have been very mixed online. Although he won the biggest pot in the history of online poker, he is a losing player overall. As of this writing his losses are in the millions on Full Tilt Poker alone according to high stakes db.

Biggest pot in online poker, Patatino !

Patatino received the honor of winning the largest post in online poker history on Full Tilt Poker. The poor player on the receiving end was Trex 313 and the pot was worth 609 730 dollars ! See below for a transcript of this sick hand. Other than this honor he has had rather mixed results at the online poker rooms.

Hand #1:

TABLE : RailHeaven (six-max) $500/$1,000 – No-Limit Hold’em

Seat 1: trex313 ($297,766.50)
Seat 2: OMGClayAiken ($226,897)
Seat 4: durrrr ($404,525.50)
Seat 5: patatino ($307,080)
Seat 6: regista8 ($275,811)

trex313 posts the small blind of $500
OMGClayAiken posts the big blind of $1,000
The button is in seat #6

durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr folds
patatino calls $1,000
regista8 folds
trex313 calls $500
OMGClayAiken raises to $5,000
patatino calls $4,000
trex313 calls $4,000

Flop: [Td6d8c]

trex313 checks
OMGClayAiken bets $9,200
patatino has 15 seconds left to act
patatino has requested TIME
patatino raises to $35,000
trex313 has 15 seconds left to act
trex313 has requested TIME
trex313 raises to $88,000
OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken folds
patatino has 15 seconds left to act
patatino has requested TIME
patatino raises to $302,080, and is all-in
trex313 has 15 seconds left to act
trex313 calls $204,766.50, and is all-in
patatino shows [Qd2d]
trex313 shows [Jd9d]
Uncalled bet of $9,313.50 returned to patatino

Turn: [Td6d8c][2h]

River: [Td6d8c][2h][4c]

patatino shows a pair of twos
trex313 shows jack-ten high
patatino wins the pot ($609,730) with a pair of twos
trex313 adds $50,000


Total pot $609,733 | Rake $3
Board: [T6824]
Seat 1: trex313 (small blind) showed [J9] and lost with jack-ten-high
Seat 2: OMGClayAiken (big blind) folded on the flop
Seat 4: durrrr didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 5: patatino showed [Q2] and won ($609,730) with a pair of twos
Seat 6: regista8 (button) didn’t bet (folded)

This article is from, we review the best California Poker rooms.

Who Is Patatino

Patatino is Guy Laliberte. Guy Laliberté is the founder and chief executive officer of Cirque du Soleil. He was born in Quebec in Canada and surprisingly started out his career as an accordion player. He is now a billionaire and has plenty of spare change to play high stakes poker! In 2006, he was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. It is rumoured he holds a 95% share holder of the 1.2 billion dollar Cirque Du Soleil. Guy is a “self made man” which makes his story even more incredible.

Guy Laliberte on High Stakes Poker GSN

Guy Laliberte has numerous appearences on GSN’s High Stakes Poker TV show. Watch below for a couple of Guy Laliberte Videos on High Stakes Poker:

1.2 million dollar pot between Guy Laliberte and David Benyamine

Doyle Brunson vs Guy Laliberte 818k Pot

Guy Laliberte Interview

Watch below for Patatino’s poker interview (brought to you by Pokerwire). Enjoy !

Guy Laliberte “Patatino” Bankroll

So you may be wondering just how big Patatino’s bankroll is online. Well it certainy is bigger than yours ! The truth is there is no way to know. But keep in mind that most pros don’t keep a lot of money in their online accounts. If you think about Guy’s net worth, you can easily say that his online bankroll is bottomless !

Patatino, What’s Next ?

Patatino, what are you goals in poker ? Well, we can tell you one thing, this guy loves poker and he wants to make it to the top no matter what. Sure he is having a rocky start, but who starts off playing Phil Ivey at the Railheaven Table with 500/1K blinds ? Yes, no one. There is no doubt that Patatino is acquiring an incredible amount of experience playing the best players in the world. Is Patatino going to be the next online poker phenom ? I know a lot of you would bet against this, but think about it: If you had a bottomless bankroll and could play the best players in the world whenever you feeled like it, your skill would go up exponentionally.

Anyways, we wish Patatino the Best in his poker career !



Who is Chufty

Chufty or Richard “CHUFTY ” Ashby is a poker professional from the United Kingdom. He is especially known for crushing the highest stakes PLO, or pot limit omaha games at the biggest online poker rooms especially Full Tilt Poker. Recently he has received the honor of becoming a Full Tilt Red pro.

Chufty Poker Video

Ever wonder what Richard “Chufty” Ashby looks like ? Well check out this video from the 2008 WSOPE. This is a rare video as he usually doesn’t make many public appearences or talks to the press.

This article is from, we review the best California Poker rooms.

Chufty Poker Results

Chufty is well known for his extemely loose style, similar to Zigmund’s , which fits the game of PLO very well. In the live poker scene, Chufty has over 30 tournament cashes and winnings in excess of 300 000 dollars.
Online, he plays the highest stakes available at Full Tilt Poker and either wins or loses a couple hundred thousand dollars in any given night. Any player playing 200/400 PLO has a bankroll in the millions of dollars ! He plays at numerous poker sites and has millions in his online accounts spread across the best poker sites.

Chufty has had some incredible successes online. In February of 2008 “CHUFTY” was the biggest PLO winner, raking in a total profit of $788k. How did he get so good ? I guess we’ll never know, as Chufty isn’t put in the spotlight very often. Because of this, it is generally hard to get a read into his game.

Chufty Full Tilt

Chufty has finally dropped his old name on ftp or Full Tilt Poker. For a long time known as Chufty, his online handle will now be Richard Ashby which comes with his red pro status.

Scotty Nguyen – The Prince Of Poker

Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen drunken videos have been circulating on the web recently. These videos all originate from the 50 K Horse event. Scotty Nguyen, the prince of poker himself, made of a fool of himself with drunken talk at the final table of the 50K WSOP horse event. Scotty was fortunate enough to take down the event, which is a spectacular result. This really begs the question : Is Scotty Nguyen the best tournament player in the world ? Not only does he have a Main Event World Series of Poker win, a World Poker Tour Championship 1st place finish, but he has just taken down the prestigious 50K horse WSOP tournament half drunk ! (well three quarters drunk as you will see in the video below).

Scotty Nguyen Drunk

Scotty Nguyen Drunken Antics

Scotty Nguyen’s drunk behaviour really started once the beers and cocktails started pouring at the final table. Hey, who said a final table couldn’t be a party ? Drinking a little bit and making a couple of million dollars on the side ? This sounds like a good deal to us ! Anyways, as soon as these cocktails started flowing, Scotty Nguyen started displaying a total lack of class by speaking down to the waiters and Michael Demichelle. 23 year old Michael DeMichelle tilted Scotty by *celebrating* with his friends everytime he won a pot. This really tilted Scotty…

When the action was three handed, including poker pro Eric Lindgren, Scotty started to be very DRUNK to say the least. He used the eff word proudly numerous times. Just watch the video underneath, you will actually hear more “bleeps” than words spoken at this final table, which is pretty hilarious if you ask us. Scotty Nguyen was clearly annoyed that the beer wasn’t been served quicky enough and started saying :What kind of effin service is this ? Talking down to the waiter.

Scotty Nguyen Drunk Video

Scotty Nguyen

Is Scotty Nguyen an asshole ? Honestly, after watching this video you may think so, but we disagree. OK, so Scotty Nguyen made a mistake *once*. He really apologized after the event and usually displays good behavior at the poker table. Being referred to as the prince of poker, you can tell that his drunken behavior during a televised final table is the exception and not the rule. Scotty is a great guy and he is good for the game.

Scotty Nguyen Apology

Here are some extracts from his apology, please refer to for the entire transcript.

He opens with:

[“I would like to apologize to all my fans for the disappointment I have caused in the H.O.R.S.E. Event. For that I would like to express my sincerest apology.”]

He argues that he was so focused on the win that nothing else mattered for him at the time:

[“This tournament was too important for me, the trophy, the fifth bracelet, and history, my head was zoned in for this event, and for that time, I forgot the fans were watching me”]


[“I said things I shouldn’t have said that have disappointed you, and I apologize for my actions. All my life, there have been many many tournaments, I put all the fans first, tried to play bad hands and win to give more excitement, and I would blow my tournament, however I have never regretted it, because without all you fans there would never be a Scotty Nguyen, and I appreciate all of you every which way.”]

And we couldn’t help but agreeing with Scotty on this final quote:

[“Another thing, I always bring joy and excitement to the poker game every time I’m on tv, and all of you know, when Scotty Nguyen is on tv, your eyes are glued on the screen”]

As an aside, although he has had great success in the live arena, Scotty hasn’t been very active in online poker rooms.

Scotty Nguyen wife

This article is from Pokerfornia which provides the leading information and reviews on California Poker Rooms .

Scotty Nguyen’s wife is very supportive of her husband and supported him throughout this incent. Her name is Julie Nguyen and she seems to be quite a character. Apparently she likes focusing on shopping while Scotty focuses on taking down tournaments. Seems like a good deal to her.

Anyways, if you ever wondered what Scotty Nguyen’s wife looked like, please check the interview below:

Scotty Nguyen’s Wife Interview


Durrr, Durrrr, or Tom Dwan as he is known in real life is a phenomenal poker player that has been *crushing* the highest stakes poker cash games both online and live. You can often see him playing the Railheaven No-Limit table on Full Tilt Poker with blinds of 5000/1K. Durrr will buy in from anywhere in  between 100K and 200K and often run up a stack up to close to 1 million US dollars. He is a champion at the biggest online poker rooms.

Durrr ‘s strengths are an incredibly aggressive game play, perfect timing and a “six sense”, or gut feeling that only the elite players share. He makes some of the sickest reads you will ever see at a poker table.

Ever wonder what Durrr looks like ? Check out his interview below:

This article is from, we review the best California Poker Rooms.

This video is actually from the NBC heads-up championship where Durrr and Phil Hellmuth were seated together. Tom Dwan sucked out on Phil Hellmuth when his pair of 10s found a set all in versus his pair of Aces. Certainly a sick way to go for Phil. Living up to his reputation, Phil decided to trash talk following this elimination. He called Durrr’s call of an all in with a pair of 10s a donkish move. Apparently Durrr thinks he is a much better heads up player than Phil and challenged him to a series of heads up match with 100k buy-ins or more. As of this writing these heads-up games have not taken place yet, but we are sure eager to see them happen someday!


About Durrr, Tom Dwan

Durrr is from New Jersey. His home town is Edison and he was born in 1986. He currently resides in Fort Worth Texas. Although he is pimarely known for playing the highest stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker against the likes of Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Patrick Antonius etc.. he also has some incredible success in the live cash game and tournament poker scene. Durrr raked in nearly one million dollars from all of his live cashes. One of his appereances what at the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship (see previous video). Tom Dwan, durrrr, also appeared in the fourth season of Poker After Dark.

Durrr’s rise to the top in online poker

Durrr started playing poker when he was just 17. At the time he mainly focused on small stakes online sit and gos before he realised that most of the money was in cash games. With the tremendous drive and ambition that he had, he managed to climb uo from the micro-stakes level to the 200/400 NL level and above. He currently plays at this level against the likes of Phil Ivey.

Watch a video of Durrr, Tom Dwan winning a 267 000 $ pot with 7 3 suited. Pretty sick !

Anyways, to find out more about Tom Dwan, we recommend that you check out these articles: durrr on wikipedia, durrrr on bankroll boost high stakes blog, this thread on durrr at the Full Contact Forums.

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ActionJeff is somewhat of a cult figure in the online poker world. He started off playing “Magic The Gathering” which is somewhat atyical . He became an expert of the game and won a couple of prestigious tournaments. Certainly an indication of things to come…

Jeff transitioned to the game of poker because some his friends were telling him how much money could be made. His rise to the top in online poker was ridiculousy quick and epic. ActionJeff started playing in his room after class in high school. One year later he was a bonified millionaire, well before his twentieth birthday. His specialy was MTTs, or multi table tournaments. He won a poker stars Word series of online poker event for 50 000 dollars. The story goes that he was grounded that day and not allowed to use the internet. He retreated somewhere in his house where he was able to use a wi-fi connection and take down the first prize. Gambling problem in our opinion ;-).

In the online poker world, ActionJeff is also synonym of controversy. Although ActionJeff has recently changed his ways, he used to be very arrogant and talk down to people in poker forums, namely pocketfives. He would call the top players donkeys, accusing them of being incompetant and just being able to catch a good run of cards. He commonly refers to players like BelowAbove as Lagtards, read: Loose Aggressive Retards. ActionJeff could actually pull off this type of talk because his results were so superior.. His style was more tight aggressive and based on reads, similar to WestmenloAA or Isaac Baron. Loose aggressive players often have very volatile results and can go on sick rushes because of this.

ActionJeff was sick and tired of seeing LAGtards refered as poker gods because they won a couple of donkaments ! Although the words are harsh and we come down very aggressively at some players they were grounded in truth. MTT results can only be indicative of skill after a very significant sample. Never will a sample of 50 tournaments be enough to assess a player’s skill.

Since his MTT ownin days, ActionJeff has somewhat retreated from the poker scene. His focus is now on cash games, and he has had tremendous results in No-Limit Texas Holdem games. According to his poker blog, he made over 1 million dollars on Full Tilt poker during his prime.

The most memorable session he had was defeating David Benyamine, or “Degenyamine” for hundreds of thousands of dollars during an epic heads-up session. ActionJeff was somewhat a stranger to the nosebleed games but decided to play Mr Benyamine. Well, we should say obliterate Benyamine, because ActionJeff just dominated the entire match. Certainly a testament to his incredible skill.

As of this writing, Benyamine is one of the biggest winners on full tilt with earnings increasing 5 million dollars alone on Full Tilt Poker. So David was certainly no easy target for ActionJeff !

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Taylor Caby

Taylor Caby

Taylor Caby is a professional poker player and founder of the poker coaching site His story has become legendary and showcases the real opportunity of online poker. Taylor Caby was a just a regular student at Michigan university when he discovered poker. He started playing the 5 dollars sit and go’s on Ultimate Bet and transtioned to the highest stakes cash games very rapidly. At the time, one of the most respected players was Mahatma. Taylor Caby imposed himself as the best online cash game player by defeating him over a series of heads up matches. Basically, Taylor went from being a broke college student to a multi-millionaire (excluding his business earnings ) in a matter of years. There are many players that were able to ride the Moneymaker wave successfully.

Taylor Caby playing style is caracterised by incredibly accurate reads, relentless aggression and the ability to always stay calm and never tilt. He has outstanding personal management as well which allows him to bring his A game to the game over and over. If you want more visibility into his game, we recommend you check out his *extensive* collection of videos on Top online players like Isaac Baron (WestmenloAA) attribute their success to Taylor Caby’s videos. So check them out !

Please see the video below for a sample of one of Taylor’s videos.

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The trademark carateristic of Taylor Caby is his business sense. Cardrunners went from a couple of kids running a business in a basment to a web 2.0 money making powerhouse. Cardrunners is now a 3,000,000 dollar a year company.

During an interview, someone asked Taylor Caby if it was more satisfying running a successful business or to win at poker?

Basically, Taylor Caby answered that it is infinitely more satisfying for him to run the business. He doesn’t play as much as he used to. When he was on top though, he was beating the $50/$100 No Limit games for a very good win rate.

What’s the most rewarding part of online poker for him? Having started from scratch and be where he is today.

Looking back, Taylor Caby says that his life would have been infinitely different if he hadn’t discovered poker in college. No kidding !

What is the most reThe money was real and people would look up to you. But, it’s a really incredible feeling to start something from – literally nothing. We started the business in our fraternity houseone summer and now we’re out here in Vegas doing a bunch of marketing. We’re, you know, reasonably well known. It’s just a really, really good feeling



Aejones or ae***jones as he known online is a professional poker player and coach/instructor at Leggopoker. Although Aejones had a difficult start in poker, he is now incredibly successful at the heads-up and 6 max NL games online, especially full tilt poker.

His advice for beginning SSNL players is :”Study a lot”. Aejones attributes most of his success to his constant posting of hands on 2+2 and at times, quote “spending at least 4 hours a day on 2+2”. His other piece of advice is that there is no substitue for experience. From his words: “When all else fails, grind grind grind to get a roll, and then get better by experience”.

Aejones has become popular in the online world because of his desire to share his poker knowledge. This transpires clearly from his videos at leggopoker. Although he started producing only a couple of videos here and there, the demand for them became *huge*. Aejones displays a trademark “no BS” style that is based on accurate reads and agression. His videos have a wide appeal because of this.

If you want more visibility into the Aejones poker style , we recommend that you join leggopoker and see if for yourself. There are a number of free samples as well.

Aejones has an interesting perspective on the different levels of skill that one can attain in poker. Similar to WestmenloAA, or Isaac Baron, he believes that the most important element is how much one works on his game. Natural ability comes only second, allthough it is required to make it to the top. He speaks of players that have a standard style and never think outside the box. He says these players willl never get passed a certain level in poker. The gut feeling that only the best players have is extremely immportant according to Aejones. This only comes through instinct and playing hundreds of thousands of hands.

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US Real Money Online Poker

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US Real Money Poker

US opportunities for playing real money online poker are numerous. By real money poker, we mean as opposed to “play money”. Every respectable casino allows its players to play just for fun with “play money” chips. Once players become comfortable and think they have an edge over their opponents, they can deposit real money and try to get a return on their investment.

The market for US real money online poker has been volatile to say the least. This is best showcased by the Party Poker effect. Party was one of the biggest online poker rooms in the USA but had to remove itself from the market because of the U I E G A. Note that this only happened because Party was a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. All of the the other poker sites survived and prospered.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there are no more US real money poker sites . Right now there are two powerhouses: Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars and a multitude of smaller rooms. These two sites recruit thousands upon thousands of US poker players every day.

It is true that depositing real money is slightly more involved than it used to be …but it is brain dead easy in most cases. You can get an all access visa gift card from any grocery store in the USA and deposit instantly. Although some players think that it is too hard to deposit and stick to the play money games, they are missing out. If they only spent 5 minutes looking at the deposit options of the poker rooms, they would find at least 3 or 4 ways to deposit real money and play poker . The deposits are usually instant.

The trend we are seing however is less players depositing because of this. This causes the average player to be slightly better than in the past so you need to adapt. Although the ratio of fish to good players is lower than it used to be, don’t be fooled into thinking that real money poker games online are no longer beatable.

In fact there are *hundreds* of players making thousands of dollars per hour as their hourly win rate. These players are more dedicated than their peers, join training sites, post hands in forums, etc..
The bottom line is that US real money poker sites are here to stay for the time being. They present a lucrative opportunity for the most dedicated and persevering.

Will you be the next Phil Ivey ? We sure hope so ! And we will be the site that refered you ! So please read our online poker site review and deposit real money now.

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