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California Poker

Welcome to Pokerfornia! We are the one and only authority site for poker players in California. This will be your one stop shop for the best California poker room reviews and information. We will regularly be adding trip reports from our loyal visitors. We are also following the CA poker legislation closely with our California poker news section. Good luck at the tables.

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Poker At Commerce Casino – Visitor Reviews

The Commerce is the best Casino in California according to our reviews.

What do you guys think of Commerce ? Let us know !

7 Responses to “Poker At Commerce Casino – Visitor Reviews”

  1. Blake Says:

    Well, the Commerce is a short drive from my house and “my office”. The place is really chill, the food is awesome too, which is a big plus to me. I used to play 100NL 6 max games online, but that didn’t go too well, so I play mid stakes live at the Commerce now. My hourly profit has been great, and sustainable so far. The atmosphere is laid back here, a far cry from Vegas and all the commotions. I make my living exclusively from playing at Commerce these days. Any plans to start a forum on this site ? I hear from Mark that you were considering one.


  2. admin Says:

    Hey Blake,

    How’s it going ? Thanks for the comment, we’re adding a forum as we speak. I hope things are going well since you turned pro.

  3. Chris Says:

    Nice site. Here are the plus points for me:

    * biggest card room in the world
    * you don’t need to go to Vegas
    * parking spaces are huge
    * weak fish at almost every table
    * food quality is sick, and they have a decent table service for drinks
    * other games like roulette and slots if you are a degen like me .. lol.

    Only thing I don’t like players who make a scene when they get bad beat, or the occasional Asian players that talk trash and gamble excessively.

  4. HoldemDude7167 Says:

    This a good comfortable place to play poker. The girls are attractive too, mainly at the blackjack and poker tables, which seem to attract plenty of LA hotties. I’m not a serious player myself, but I like to gamble there for fun, and I always have a good time with my friends. I also like the parking there, which seems much safer to me than the Bike. Last weekend I lost a pot of 600 dollars when some guy rivered two pair on me with 46 of spades. I had aces of course, and the action preflop went raise, re-reraise , and somehow this guy managed to call…. of course. These Philippine players are a gold mine though, cause I don’t see them not going broke playing like this. End rant.

  5. Pino Says:

    Mang !

    Pinozor is in daz house. What up man ? When we going to Commerce again mang ?

    Commerce is cool with a lot of drinks obv…



  6. admin Says:

    Lol Pino. Thank god I approved your “spammy” comment. The answer is soon….

  7. Commerce Poker Room, LA CA | Review Says:

    […] Review or Read Visitor Reviews of this Casino Here: […]

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