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California Poker

Welcome to Pokerfornia! We are the one and only authority site for poker players in California. This will be your one stop shop for the best California poker room reviews and information. We will regularly be adding trip reports from our loyal visitors. We are also following the CA poker legislation closely with our California poker news section. Good luck at the tables.

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6 max Poker

This article is from Pokerfornia, the leading source of California poker casinos review

6 Max Poker Games

6 max Poker shorthanded games are the poker specialist’s favorite. These fast paced and aggressive games give you the opportunity to play far more hands than full ring. You can push your edge in more situations. Because the hand ranges are wider, you can value bet more strongly as well.

Let’s take pocket pairs as an easy example. Would you raise a pair of deuces under the gun at a 9 player table ? Probably not, but it these 6 max poker games it is always profitable to play your hand like Ace king.

How do short handed games differ from full ring cash games ?

* Well, as we’ve just said, In 6 max poker you can play your pocket pairs like AK from any position. Even when your continuation bet doesn’t take down the pot your hand holds more value than full ring.

* Your made hands are typically stronger. Pot control is still immportant but you have more room for value betting as a rule.

* A lot of pots end up heads-up and you generally see more hands 6 handed. This alows the best players to press their edge more often.

* You can make numerous 3- bets preflop like squeeze plays. Late position openers’ ranges are much wider so you should adjust accordingly.

So you still can’t decide whether you prefer shorthanded or full ring games ? Well do this. Ask yourself the following questions and add up how many times you answered YES

* Do you like pushing your preflop equities and value betting your strong hands as often as possible ?  Shorthanded will give you plenty of these opportunities.

* Are you a risk taker, do you enjoy playing many pots in position?  Shorthanded games favor the loose aggressive players as they give them more hands to play.

* Do you take poker seriously and put in the hours ? Your hourly will be greater 6 handed because you will see more hands. This is especially true if you multi-table.

* Do you take the time to study your opponents and make your plays based on specific reads. 6 max will give the opportunity to develop great reads.

The bottom line is that the best game really comes down to your affinities and skill set. It also depends on your aversion to risk. At pokerfornia, we love 6 max poker games.


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