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Patatino full tilt pokerPatatino or Guy Laliberte is a regular high stakes poker player that plays mostly on Full Tilt Poker. Patatino is widely known for his reckless and often fearless style. Guy Laliberte isn’t afraid to play the best players in the world heads-up or shorthanded. This includes players like Phil Ivey, Patrik Anthonius and OMGCLAYAIKEN. His results have been very mixed online. Although he won the biggest pot in the history of online poker, he is a losing player overall. As of this writing his losses are in the millions on Full Tilt Poker alone according to high stakes db.

Biggest pot in online poker, Patatino !

Patatino received the honor of winning the largest post in online poker history on Full Tilt Poker. The poor player on the receiving end was Trex 313 and the pot was worth 609 730 dollars ! See below for a transcript of this sick hand. Other than this honor he has had rather mixed results at the online poker rooms.

Hand #1:

TABLE : RailHeaven (six-max) $500/$1,000 – No-Limit Hold’em

Seat 1: trex313 ($297,766.50)
Seat 2: OMGClayAiken ($226,897)
Seat 4: durrrr ($404,525.50)
Seat 5: patatino ($307,080)
Seat 6: regista8 ($275,811)

trex313 posts the small blind of $500
OMGClayAiken posts the big blind of $1,000
The button is in seat #6

durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr folds
patatino calls $1,000
regista8 folds
trex313 calls $500
OMGClayAiken raises to $5,000
patatino calls $4,000
trex313 calls $4,000

Flop: [Td6d8c]

trex313 checks
OMGClayAiken bets $9,200
patatino has 15 seconds left to act
patatino has requested TIME
patatino raises to $35,000
trex313 has 15 seconds left to act
trex313 has requested TIME
trex313 raises to $88,000
OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken folds
patatino has 15 seconds left to act
patatino has requested TIME
patatino raises to $302,080, and is all-in
trex313 has 15 seconds left to act
trex313 calls $204,766.50, and is all-in
patatino shows [Qd2d]
trex313 shows [Jd9d]
Uncalled bet of $9,313.50 returned to patatino

Turn: [Td6d8c][2h]

River: [Td6d8c][2h][4c]

patatino shows a pair of twos
trex313 shows jack-ten high
patatino wins the pot ($609,730) with a pair of twos
trex313 adds $50,000


Total pot $609,733 | Rake $3
Board: [T6824]
Seat 1: trex313 (small blind) showed [J9] and lost with jack-ten-high
Seat 2: OMGClayAiken (big blind) folded on the flop
Seat 4: durrrr didn’t bet (folded)
Seat 5: patatino showed [Q2] and won ($609,730) with a pair of twos
Seat 6: regista8 (button) didn’t bet (folded)

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Who Is Patatino

Patatino is Guy Laliberte. Guy Lalibert√© is the founder and chief executive officer of Cirque du Soleil. He was born in Quebec in Canada and surprisingly started out his career as an accordion player. He is now a billionaire and has plenty of spare change to play high stakes poker! In 2006, he was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. It is rumoured he holds a 95% share holder of the 1.2 billion dollar Cirque Du Soleil. Guy is a “self made man” which makes his story even more incredible.

Guy Laliberte on High Stakes Poker GSN

Guy Laliberte has numerous appearences on GSN’s High Stakes Poker TV show. Watch below for a couple of Guy Laliberte Videos on High Stakes Poker:

1.2 million dollar pot between Guy Laliberte and David Benyamine

Doyle Brunson vs Guy Laliberte 818k Pot

Guy Laliberte Interview

Watch below for Patatino’s poker interview (brought to you by Pokerwire). Enjoy !

Guy Laliberte “Patatino” Bankroll

So you may be wondering just how big Patatino’s bankroll is online. Well it certainy is bigger than yours ! The truth is there is no way to know. But keep in mind that most pros don’t keep a lot of money in their online accounts. If you think about Guy’s net worth, you can easily say that his online bankroll is bottomless !

Patatino, What’s Next ?

Patatino, what are you goals in poker ? Well, we can tell you one thing, this guy loves poker and he wants to make it to the top no matter what. Sure he is having a rocky start, but who starts off playing Phil Ivey at the Railheaven Table with 500/1K blinds ? Yes, no one. There is no doubt that Patatino is acquiring an incredible amount of experience playing the best players in the world. Is Patatino going to be the next online poker phenom ? I know a lot of you would bet against this, but think about it: If you had a bottomless bankroll and could play the best players in the world whenever you feeled like it, your skill would go up exponentionally.

Anyways, we wish Patatino the Best in his poker career !

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