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Carbon Poker Review

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Carbon poker is an exciting and rising poker room that caters to the US market. The sign up incentives are superb and include some of the best freerols in the industry. By signing up, you immediately qualify for 30 days of freerols. These run 4 times a day and give a chance to build a bankroll without depositing. Freerols are only one of the features that make Carbon so special. Read below for the 6 things that we like best about Carbon. You can also sample the gaming interface with our sreenshot below.

      Go All In Now !

Top 6 Software features that make Carbon Special:

You can:

  1. Reveal the community cards that would have been delt if the action had not ended. This may get you on tilt sometimes, but we think this is nice to have.
  2. Create private rooms for you and your friends to play.
  3. See your tournament wins displayed as trophys.
  4. See your percentage to win when you are all-in. You can use this statistic as a wake up call if you keep on going all in with 10% equity.
  5. Customize your poker table with your personal logo.
  6. Expose only one card when you fold. Great to mess with your opponents heads and to keep them gessing.

Carbon Poker Lobby.jpg

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