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Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend Is A Legend

or Sbrugby as he is known online is a professional poker player from Santa Barbara California.Brian Townsend has accomplished an incredible amount in an even more incredible amount of time. Firstly, Brian moved from 100 dollar no-limit cash games online to the highest stakes all in the course of a year. This is just an incredible run that is unlikely to be reproduced in the online poker world. Brian has also dabbled in Las Vegas and California poker rooms with more moderate success.

Brian Sbrugby Townsend Interview WSOPE

Brian Townsend also had a very resounding success in the Las Vegas games including sessions in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio. According to his blog, he had a session there where he won 1.85 million dollars.

Brian Townsend Following Online

was so successful that he had thousands of railbirds following his every move online. Most of these stalkers were in simple disbelief. They thought Brian had a “golden account” or that Full Tilt Poker had somehow activated a magic switch! You can read through his old blog postings to see the extent of this (before his blog became moderated).

Brian sbrugby Towsend VS Phil Ivey Video

Brian Townsend Cardrunners Instructor

On top of this poker successes, Brian Townsend has become a word class poker instructor. You can watch his videos by becoming a member of popular training site Cardrunners .

Some believe that Brian produces the best 6 max NL cash games on the internet. Brian is especially good at breaking down his thought processes and making poker easy to learn. His insight into the game and specific reads are simply outstanding…

Note: Affording the membership and sign-up fee can be a little steep for new players. However, there is a new way to join through Frequent Player Points (FPP) or Full Tilt Points. All you need to do is Download Full Tilt Poker, deposit some money and start playing. Your frequent player “milage” will add up as you play… And you will be able to buy a cheap subscription from the Full Tilt Poker score. Keep the tip :).

Brian Townsend VS Doyle Brunson Poker After Dark

Brian Townsend broke / busto / bust ?

You’ve heard the question one million times whether Brian Towsend is broke. People always assume that a huge downsing is significant will bankroll exctinction. This is simply not the case.
Brian Townsend has justed moved down to regroup and grind back a roll to play the nosebleed stakes on Full Tilt Poker again.

The Brian Townsend Downswing

So just how bad was Brian Townsend’s downswing ? A hundred thousand dollars ? Two hundred thousand dollars ? How about, say, 3 million dollars ! The unfortunate hand that triggered the downswing was played against Bobby Baldwin in Las Vegas. Brian Townsend tried to bluff him out of a 1.8 million dollar pot when Bobby held the nut straight. When Brian returned from Vegas a million dollar downsing awaited him in the online games. So all in all, a very sick downsing. Brian will be fine of course and he is set for life with the substantial amount of money saved from his previous successes and his stake in Cardrunners.

Brian Townsend on High Stakes Poker Video

Brian Townsend Picture

Brian Townsend

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